Is Scoolsmart app easy to use ? How?

Scoolsmart app is designed carefully to make it very simple and easy to use, UX/UI is designed to make user experience comfortable and easy just like using the smartphone. Furthermore, any update and addition are easily and smoothly intregated.

Is privacy of data secured ?

Yes we secured the data privacy. Scoolsmart is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR compliance). Which means we do not co-mingle the data of countries and we keep the data secured in the most secured server cloud (local telecom server)

Is Scoolsmart app is fully customised ? How ?

Yes it is fully customised. Each function/icon of scoolsmart app can be moved on the smartphone display and some functions can be put in the icon bag to make it more customised as required by the user. The whole app behaved like dashboard of a smarphone where each icon can be moved and customised by individual user. Scoolsmart app is wolrd’s first fully customised app.

Will the payment solution available in future ?

Yes it will be available in the future. Scoolsmart platform is now developing open gateway payment solution for school ecosystem. We expect payment function will be available in the near future, make it easier and cost eficient way of funds movement in the school ecosystem, from parent to school, from parent to student, etc

Which language is Scoolsmart currently available in?

Scoolsmart is available in English, Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. In the near future it will be available in additional languages such as Bahasa, Melayu, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese do Brazil, Russian, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

Is the bus attendance and tracking is going to be available in the future?

Yes it will be available in the future. Scoolsmart platform is integrating satellite bus tracking and the student bus attendance solution for those schools which required such solution . We are now field testing the equipment and it will be integrated in to Scoolsmart platform.

Is Scoolsmart available on iOS and Android platform?

Yes it is available for both iOS and Android platform. Furthermore, app can be access by parent, student and teacher via web (url).

Is Scoolsmart downloads free for students, parents, and teachers?

Scoolsmart platform is B to B solution as long as school join it is free downloads for parent, student, and teacher. It is available on the google playstore for android and Appstore for iOS.

Is Scoolsmart app for parents, students, and teachers?

Yes, it is. Scoolsmart is the app to help parents, students and teachers communicate to each other. Scoolsmart platform give the school’s information to parent, student, and teacher in real time via mobile app does saving time and faster response time.

ScoolSmart Address

Level 44, Champion Tower
3 Garden Road Central, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 37982563
Fax: +852 22972289
Email: admin@scoolsmart.com



ScoolSmart Website Privacy Policy Statement v2.1

Click here to download ScoolSmart Privacy Policy Statement :

ScoolSmart Website Privacy Policy Statement v2

What are ScoolSmart benefits ?

ScoolSmart offers a unique solution that includes :

  • – Bus tracking solution
  • – Digital signature for parents
  • – Digital payment
  • – Linkage with The Observatory for weather warnings
  • – E-Commerce (1 st phase uniform and books)
  • – Integrated One stop solution
  • – Push notifications provide efficient communication with users – e.g.examination schedule, approvals for school events
  • – Independent Chat system and gallery for school
  • – Real time synchronized calendar
  • – Customized user interface
Is ScoolSmart a bus tracking solution ?

Besides tracking bus attendance, ScoolSmart integrates new features like class attendance and scheduling, chat, One touch Authorization, Back-to-School E-commerce platform, a unique Payment Solution and many more.

Why ScoolSmart ?

ScoolSmart is the world’s first fully customized multilingual App and SIM card based student card, integrating faster communication amongst schools, parents, teachers, and students.