ScoolSmart Address

Suite 28, L9, Core F, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 3618 6142
Fax: +852 3157 0675
Email: admin@scoolsmart.com



ScoolSmart Website Privacy Policy Statement v2.1

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ScoolSmart Website Privacy Policy Statement v2

What are ScoolSmart benefits ?

ScoolSmart offers a unique solution that includes :

  • – Bus tracking solution
  • – Digital signature for parents
  • – Digital payment
  • – Linkage with The Observatory for weather warnings
  • – E-Commerce (1 st phase uniform and books)
  • – Integrated One stop solution
  • – Push notifications provide efficient communication with users – e.g.examination schedule, approvals for school events
  • – Independent Chat system and gallery for school
  • – Real time synchronized calendar
  • – Customized user interface
Is ScoolSmart a bus tracking solution ?

Besides tracking bus attendance, ScoolSmart integrates new features like class attendance and scheduling, Bolo Bolo chat, One touch Authorization, Back-to-School E-commerce platform, a unique Payment Solution and many more.

Why ScoolSmart ?

ScoolSmart is the world’s first fully customized multilingual App and SIM card based student card, integrating faster communication amongst schools, parents, teachers, and students.